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Wheeler aside, the NHL’s response to the current cultural and political divide taking place in the U.S. shouldn’t come as a shock or surprise to anyone who’s paid attention to league. cheap nba jerseys.Players will say they support diversity and inclusion, but aside from skating with a few minority kids during Hockey is for Everyone month, there’s little public evidence to suggest they’ve done anything to back up those sentiments or to really understand the issues marginalized communities are facing.In terms of diversity and inclusion — you know, those buzz words the league was throwing around so heavily just last month — the NHL, teams and players appear to think their responsibility starts and stops with building rinks and teaching underprivileged kids how to skate, which is not nearly mlb jerseys.Maybe it’s the NHL that discourages it, or the teams, or the silent culture of extreme conformity in the locker room, but it seems that many of these players have never deeply engaged with issues of social justice, and they certainly aren’t going to start now.

The NHL continually pushes its diversity initiative. But all that moralizing remains empty and hypocritical when the league refuses to act when it counts. cheap football jerseys .These communities don’t just need a new hockey rink, or a photo-op with Sidney Crosby. They need people who will take the time and really listen and engage with them on issues that are affecting their lives. If the NHL really wants to make everyone feel at home, they would be better served by trying to understand what this political reality means for people of color. hockey jerseys.The truth is that it rests with the players to make change happen. In the NFL, NBA and even MLB, players have been the ones leading the charge in speaking out about social issues. They have engaged in sometimes controversial ways but always taken clear moral stands on difficult issues. So far, no one in the NHL has stepped nhl jerseys.